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Second Opinion In Los Angeles, CA

This commercial unit had a small leaking coming in from the upstairs unit. The tenant had their drywaller just open the wet materials and they were just going t... READ MORE

Pack Out In Los Angeles, CA

The owner of this house came home after work only to discover their refrigerator line was leaking for hours. They immediately turned the water off and called th... READ MORE

Pressure Wash Cleaning In Cienega, CA

A crawlspace drain line caused damage in the crawlspace and leaked to the side of the house. We did muck out and removed the contaminated layer of soil inside o... READ MORE

Roof Leak In Burbank, CA

This unit had a faulty roof that caused multiple leaks and the mold growth was formed shortly after. The mold growth had exceeded multiple areas of the unit and... READ MORE

General Demolition In Crenshaw, CA

We received a call from the owner of this property asking us to remove their carpet and carpet pad. They wanted to refinish the hardwood flooring before new ten... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Westmont, CA

The owner of this home discovered a leak from their bathroom that affected the entire guest house. We performed a pack-out and moved all the contents out. Durin... READ MORE

Repairs In Santa Monica, CA

During a heavy rainstorm, the ceiling of this family room collapsed and damaged the carpet under it. We did the demolition and removed the affected ceiling and ... READ MORE

Fallen Tree Removal In Cheviot Hills, CA

We got a call from an upset homeowner after their beautiful tree had fallen and damaged their pergola. We gave the owner a quote for home much the job would cos... READ MORE

Water Damage In Century City, CA

After a toilet leak, water mitigation, repairs later, this kitchen turned out better than it did before. The entire kitchen was affected and damaged and needed ... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold Remediation In Cheviot Hills, CA

The owner of this home called us due to water damage in their kitchen. After an inspection of the property, we found more moisture and mold growth in the crawls... READ MORE