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Commercial Water Damage

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Commercial building with water damage. SERVPRO of Cienega Mitigation. Call now (323) 400-3400

If water damage is not stopped soon enough, it can do a lot of damage to a commercial property. The first and most important step is to hire a restoration company that you trust. We will dispatch a team to extract any standing water right away. Once we have extracted, we will place equipment to start the drying process. If there is heavy damage to the contents and property, usually both the tenant and owner can file a claim through their insurance. We can oversee and handle all aspects of the job for both the tenants and owners. If needed, we can move out all of the tenant's personal property off the job site until the restoration is done. If any demolition is needed, we can go ahead and perform the reconstruction. Once we are done with the job, the building will look in even better shape than it did before. 


Why To Hire SERVPRO of Cienega

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Help Wanted Sign SERVPRO of Cienega Restoration. Call now (323) 400-3400

Shopping for the right restoration company can be stressful. Depending on the company you pick, the entire job scope can be greatly affected.  Here are a few tips to take into account when hiring a restoration company.

1. Certifications/Licenses 

    - Make sure the company has all their certifications and licenses to be able to correctly handle your job. 

2. Variety of skill sets  

     - Check that the company can handle all aspects of remediation/restoration. If the company isn't equipped or trained to handle different parts of the job, that would be the first red flag. 

3. Communication is key 

     - Is the company always ready to answer all of your questions? Make sure they are ready and there for you 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

4. Ethical/knowledgeable  

     - Does the company seem to have good ethical practices and knowledge behind the science of restoration. 

Commercial Fire Restoration

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Fire SERVPRO of Cienega Commercial Fire Restoration. Call now at (323) 400-3400.

Fires are always devastating and cause a great deal of damage. A commercial fire can delay business and be a loss of revenue. With good insurance and a well-written policy, a lot of these problems are solved. After a fire, the best first step would be to notify the insurance and file a claim. Once a claim is made and approved, the restoration can commence. SERVPRO of Cienega helps with getting all the correct approvals, lining up all the vendors, and updating all parties throughout the job. Typically with heavy damage to a commercial building, all materials will need to be demolished and disposed of. Once we are able to gain access into the wall cavity, we do a detailed HEPA vacuum and wet wipe down. After the restoration is done, we place the final deodorizing equipment to kill any potential odor particles and deodorize the air space. Once the restoration is done, we will be ready to perform the repairs and put the building back in shape. 

Emergency Response Profile

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Cell phone on ERP page SERVPRO of Cienega Emergency Response Profile. Call today at (323) 400-3400

Commercial damage can be a big challenge. Picking the correct restoration company can be an even bigger challenge. Having your business be better prepared for any damage can save you a lot of time and money. Trying to find a good restoration company during a stressful time sometimes doesn't play out too well, unfortunately. By calling us today, we can set up an Emergency Response Profile for your business or even your personal property. You can learn more about our franchise and ask all the questions during a less stressful time. If any restoration work is ever needed, making a call in a stressful time can be much faster and it will be with a team you can trust on your side in no time. 

COVID-19 Enhanced Cleaning

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

COVID cell SERVPRO of Cienega COVID-19 Cleaning. Call today at (323) 400-3400

During these stressful times, get a restoration company that you can count on and trust to do an enhanced cleaning of your commercial or residential home to perform an enhanced COVID-19 cleaning. Enhanced COVID-19 cleaning is perfect for those who have had any potential or positive confirmed cases. It is our priority to respond to our enhanced COVID-19 cleanings right away to make sure your office is back in use and your home is back up running the virtual schooling and meetings. You can sleep much better at night knowing you have done all you could to keep your staff and or family as safe as they can be. Call now and we can provide a free quote to see how we can help you. 

Mold Remediation

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Mold spores under microscope SERVPRO of Cienega Mold Remediation. Call today at (323) 400-3400

If it looks like mold and smells like mold, it probably is mold. So what happens if you find mold in your commercial or residential property? Call SERVPRO of Cienega and we will have all the answers you're looking for. Here is what you can expect typical mold remediation to look like. Some steps might be skipped if not required. 

1. Inspection or Baseline Mold Test (performed by a hygienist company)  

- If the mold is not visible yet, we can help you find the best hygienist companies in the area and the company will conduct a Baseline Mold Test. If mold remediation is needed, a report will be generated with details on mold remediation. This report will allow SERVPRO of Cienega to generate an estimate. 

2. Estimate/Approvals

3. Lead and Asbestos Testing (Performed by a hygienist company) 

4. Demo/Mold Remediation

5. Post Mold Clearance Testing. (Performed by a hygienist company) 

6. Reconstruction 

In just 6 easy steps, we can help remediate and repair your property.